Turabian or Chicago? What’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered why Turabian and Chicago style look similar?  Has anyone ever told you that the styles are the same thing, or that they are vastly different?  Have you ever heard that Chicago itself has variations?  Hopefully this blog post can clear things up for you.

Turabian vs. Chicago

Turabian and Chicago style look similar because they are the same thing. Yep.  After the release of the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, they officially became the same thing.  The Turabian style was created by Kate Turabian (1893-1987), a University of Chicago graduate school dissertation secretary that created a guide for the Chicago style of citation called the Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.  Academics found her guide so authoritative that they effectively named her method of citation presentation as “Turabian”.  To learn more about the history of Turabian style, read this University of Chicago webpage. So if a teacher insists that you use Turabian instead of Chicago in your next paper, just give them a wink, write a great paper, and use our reference guide or automatic citation generator for Chicago style.  Just make sure you’re using the correct system of Chicago style.

There are two systems of Chicago Style?

Indeed.  The Chicago Manual of Style contains two documentation systems: notes and bibliography and author-date.  Depending on the subject matter and nature of sources cited, each style is preferred by various specific groups of scholars within academia.

The notes and bibliography style is most commonly used in literature, art, and history, as well as other fields within the humanities.  It can accommodate a plethora of sources: both common and also more obscure sources that may not be ideal for the author-date system.

The author-date system is used frequently within the natural, physical, and social sciences.  This system provides brief, non intrusive source citing within the text, by the last name of the author and date of publication.  These bibliographic form of these citations can be viewed more clearly within the list of references included at the end of author date system formatted essays.

There are only small differences between these two types of Chicago style citations, but it is important that you know which one to use within your discipline.  Happy writing!

Attention Researchers: ACS, ASA, CSE, IEEE, AAA, and AIP on BibMe!

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Are you writing a research paper that requires a lesser known citation style?  BibMe supports many CSL styles that you may not have known about. Continue reading Attention Researchers: ACS, ASA, CSE, IEEE, AAA, and AIP on BibMe!

Create the Perfect Title Page with BibMe!

Title pages can be tricky business. There are so many options to consider—where does the class name go? What’s a running head and subtitle? What order do they go in? We’re excited to announce that you can now create the perfect title page on BibMe! With BibMe’s new title page feature, students can create a perfect title page in minutes.

How can you access the title page tool?

It’s simple! Go to BibMe.org and click on “Title Page Generator” in the top navigation and you’ll be brought to the page where you fill out all of the information about your paper. Simply add in the necessary information, select your formatting style and press “Create Title Page.” From there, your title page will automatically download to your computer! bibme how to make a title page mla apa chicago turabian That was easy! What do you think about our new title page tool? Let us know in the comments!

Update: Add Parenthetical Citations!

We have a new update to share with you all today. All of our users can now add parenthetical citations to their bibliographies. You can find the parenthetical citation link in your bibliography. First, you start off at creating your citation using the correct source. When you add the citation to the bibliography, you will see it load in your bibliography section. The parenthetical citation link is located next to the “Copy & Paste” link. If this is your first experience with seeing this section, you can also edit the citation, copy and paste it into your processor of choice or delete the citation. bibme parenthetical citations mla apa chicago turabian fast When you click on the “Parenthetical” link, your screen will load with options on what information you want to add to the parenthetical citation. After adding the Contributor, Title and Pages, click “Copy to Clipboard” and add the parenthetical citation into your document. bibme parethentical citation generator What do you think of the latest parenthetical citation update? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below!

“Search for Full-Text” is Now Available

We have a cool feature available for users that are looking to cite a journal. If you want to see the full-text of the source that you’re citing, all you have to do is click “Search for full-text”! You can fan the button under the source description. Search for full text now available through fast bibme interface   *Note: If you attempt to get the full-text preview from your home IP address, you will be unable to see the the full text. You must have access to the library database that hosts the full-text version.

Website Search, Citation Edits and More Updates! — BibMe Blog

Creating citations on BibMe just got easier. We’re excited to announce three new updates that will change your experience.

1) Search websites by keyword.

easybib continue citation update

2) Copy and paste your citation

into the Word processor of your choice in just a few clicks. Now when you need to add your citation to your bibliography, all you have to do is press “Copy and Paste” or “Download to Word”! copy paste citation service bibme

3) continue to edit your citation

Do you need to edit a citation but you don’t want to start from scratch? No worries, you can now continue to edit your citation through the new “Edit this Citation” button. The “Edit this Citation” button is a blue pencil and can be found when you hover over the citation. cite books fast and easy in apa bibme   What do you think of the new features?

Stay tuned for new BibMe updates!

Next week we’ll be making three new features live to BibMe! 1) You’ll have the ability to search websites by keyword. 2) There will be a copy and paste option after each completed citation. So now when you need to add your citation to your bibliography, all you have to do is press “Copy and Paste” or “Download to Word”! 3) Once your citation is generated, you can continue to edit it through the new “Edit this Citation” button. The “Edit this Citation” button is a blue pencil and can be found when you hover over the citation.

New Design!

After much work, we are happy to introduce a new design to Bibme, aimed to give you a smooth experience using our service. We hope you enjoy!

Careful! APA admits errors in their new manual – BibMe Blog

The America Psychological Association has just admitted that the newly published 6th edition of their APA Publication Manual contained a large number of errors, including inaccurate citation examples (for more information, including how to acquire a corrected copy, please visit http://apastyle.apa.org/manual/corrections-faqs.aspx). It’s important that you know this if you are using the new manual to cite your references. I’d like to stress that BibMe is technically not affected by these errors, as we have not yet implemented or begun to implement the rules/guidelines for APA 6. We are still following APA 5, but we will begin the process of updating to APA 6 once we have our copy of the style manual replaced. Updates on our progress will be posted periodically here on our blog.

BibMe’s Great Textbook Giveaway!

We on the BibMe team are very appreciative of the support our users have given us. Many of you have made donations, spread the word about BibMe, and recommended it to your educational peers. We’re hoping you continue to do so, but in case you needed a little convincing, we’re giving you a little more incentive. Today, we’re proud to announce “BibMe’s Great Textbook Giveaway”! We’re giving someone the chance to win $500 worth of textbooks for the spring semester of 2010. And here’s how… We’re holding a contest to see who can market BibMe in the most creative, effective way. Come up with a novel idea on how to spread the word about BibMe, and then make that idea happen. We’re leaving the rest up to you. Go all out – hire a skywriter! Rig up a bat signal with the BibMe logo! Feel free to go viral, or make use of any number of social networking/media websites, too, if you’d like. If you have a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, using them as your target audience may be a smart place to start. You may be able to target people better near your school, particularly around finals week near the end of fall semester. But you are in no way limited to stay on campus – go wherever your idea takes you! Please email your submission to textbooks@bibme.org. Include your name, school, a description of your idea and why you think it was effective,  along with pictures and/or video to show it in action. We will share submissions on our blog as we get them. Submissions must be made by Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 11:59 PM ET. The four members of the BibMe team will judge all entries on originality, creativity, and effectiveness. A winner will be announced on Sunday, January 3, 2010 and will be contacted with details on how to claim their $500 credit towards their textbooks for the semester. By making a submission for the contest, you:
  1. Give BibMe permission to publish your submission on our website, including but not limited to your name, a description of your idea, and any submitted photos/videos.
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Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with! UPDATE: Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any submissions, so no books will be given out this semester. We’d still like to give books away to our users – keep following our blog to find out when we do this next.