What’s the Difference Between They’re, There and Their?

By Devon Brown

Say the words aloud and they all sound the same, which can mean big trouble in writing. Even a master can make a mistake because we often write what we hear in our minds unconsciously. Below are a few tricks to help you remember the differences between this tricky trio. 

They’re: A Contraction of They and Are

Apostrophe to the rescue. Let that tiny mark of punctuation be your guide on this one. Just like can’t is a shortened version of can not and don’t is the condensed version of do not, the apostrophe in they’re has the important job of joining two words together: they and are. When writing, you should be able to replace your they’re with the words they and are without changing the meaning of the sentence.

They’re Examples:

  • Who are those two girls?
  • They are my sisters.
  • They’re my sisters.
  • They are actors
  • They’re actors. 

There: Noun, Adjective, Adverb and Pronoun

There has so many uses, keeping them straight can be a challenge. One simple way to remember most is to think about location. There is often used to answer the question: Where?

There Examples:

  • Please stand there.
  • We would like to go there.
 An exception to this is when you use there to introduce a phrase or noun.
  • There is a mouse in the kitchen.
  • Is there a pool at the hotel? 

Their: The Plural Possessive Pronoun

Their has the simple job of showing a group’s ownership and because of this, it is almost always followed by a noun.

Their Examples:

  • Where are their shoes?
  • Their dog is beautiful.
  • The monkeys love their tree.

 Now that you know the differences between they’re, there and their, all it takes is a little practice to remember them forever.

Quick Tip: When editing a paper, use the find function of your word processing software to look up their, they’re and there individually. This allows you to check if you used the correct word with ease.  

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